Most of the vector backgrounds published in VectorBg.Net gallery are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Unported 3.0 license.

Click HERE for a more detailed information about this license.

All vectors from our site can be used for commercial purposes, but they can not be sold. For example, it is allowed to use backgrounds from our gallery to create a website design and then use that site to generate income (sell products, services etc.). However, it would not comply with the license rules to create a design using elements from VectorBg.Net and then sell that template to others. It is also forbidden to print our vectors on T-Shirts and sell them.

If you take vectors from our site and upload them to other free vector galleries, you must put a link back to our site (please use “Vector Backgrounds” or “Free Vector Backgrounds” for anchor text of the link).


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VectorBg.Net is a collection of vector background illustrations and resources. Visitors of our website will find the highest quality background vector images for no cost here. Make sure you read Creative Commons license rules before using free downloadable material. If you have comments or questions about free vector backgrounds feel free to contact us at any time.

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